Book Release: Open Pit Mine Planning & Design

Following on from its 2006 predecessor, the 3rd edition of Open Pit Planning and Design from Hustrulid, Kuchta and Martin has been both updated and extended.

Published in two volumes by Australian Journal of Mining affiliate Taylor & Francis, Open Pit Planning and Design deals with the fundamental concepts involved in the planning and design of open pit mines.

Subjects covered in Volume 1 are mine planning, mining revenues and costs, orebody description, geometrical considerations, pit limits, production planning, mineral resources and ore reserves, responsible mining, rock blasting, rotary drilling, shovel loading, haulage trucks and machine availability and utilisation.

Volume 2 includes CSMine and MicroMODEL, user-friendly mine planning and design software packages developed specifically to illustrate the practical application of the principles covered in Volume 1.

The open pit mining reference also covers CSMine and MicroMODEL tutorials and user manuals, and features eight orebody case examples, including drillhole data sets for performing a complete open pit mine evaluation.

Open Pit Mine Planning and Design is an ideal textbook for courses in surface mine design, open pit design, geological and excavation engineering, and in advanced open pit mine planning and design, and can also be a priceless reference resource for active professionals around the world.

Open Pit Mine Planning and Design is available from online retailers. For more information, contact [email protected]